What is CCTV (Pipe And Lateral Survey)?

What is CCTV (Pipe And Lateral Survey)?

CCTV (Pipe And Lateral Survey)

The specialised team at 1300Locate can now perform pipe inspections and pipe and lateral line surveys.

From 100mm to 2.4m pipes, we can provide you with Sewer Cam, Drain Cam or Pipe Cam to give you the results necessary to make important decisions.

With a traceable camera, 1300Locate utilise the latest WinCan VX professional pipe inspection software to survey, track and report on the condition, integrity and path of your pipes.

The 1300Locate team can provide accurate information to give you peace of mind and help aide your next project – whether in design, construction or both.

1300Locate utilises the state-of-the-art IPEK CCTV inspection system. SUPERVISION® is a robotic surveillance camera that builds on the agility and portability of the IPEC SUPERVISION® system to deliver extended inspection range and remote diagnostics capabilities.

1300Locate has introduced a game changer for the Pipe CCTV industry with the addition of the first Lateral Launch system in the Southern Hemisphere with the capability to map main line, lateral lines and house connection in 3D solid model and import to Autocad.

This system integrates with a conventional Pipe CCTV tractor unit that undertakes the mainline Dilapidation Survey and allows the operator to pause in the mainline pipe and launch a secondary camera into a connecting lateral line, the lateral camera will also provide a dilapidation report using 360-degree Pan and Tilt HD camera, once completed the mainline dilapidation reporting will continue, this process is completed over the entirety of the pipe system.

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