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When it comes to any construction or excavation project, underground utilities pose a significant risk if not handled properly. This is where our licensed and professional underground cable locator crew come in. Underground locating is a process of identifying and marking the location of buried utilities such as gas lines, water pipes, telecommunication lines and electrical cables.

Since the beginning, 1300Locate has been Queensland’s go-to for underground service locating, utilising our advanced technologies such as ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic detection, and acoustic detection (among others) to accurately pinpoint the location of utilities where required. Whether your project is small or large scale, our team will be there with the right plans to ensure your team, the community, and the project site are kept safe.

Check out our underground utility locating services today to find the right solution for your project. Alternatively, we also offer CCTV pipe inspection and vacuum excavation services for the ultimate project convenience.


1300Locate utilises two main pieces of equipment when locating underground utilities

RD8000 – RFID Transponder Capable

Our RD8000 is used to find both metallic pipes and cables, or those that hold a metallic core such as electrical, communications, water pipes and feeds. RFID transponders are used by a number of utility companies to mark utilities such as direct laid optic fibre cables, buried electrical junctions, under-bore entry and exits etc that may otherwise require excavations of some sort. The beauty of our RD8000 is its capability to have updated software and unit calibrations completed online; providing our clients with peace of mind knowing the units we bring to their projects are always up to date.

IDS Opera Duo GPR

1300Locate are industry pioneers in the use of Ground Penetrating Radar – we are recognised for instigating the move into utilising this valuable tool within the utility locating industry in 2006. Since then, we have been using the GPR to aid in the location of otherwise untraceable utilities such as fibre, PVC, PE, and poly. We also use this tool to find buried manholes, valves, hydrants just to name a few. Beware of the myth that the GPR is the be all of locating equipment; it isn’t! This piece of equipment needs to be treated as another tool in the search for underground utilities across any site and project.

Subsurface Utility Mapping

When you engage our team for utility locating, you can feel confident every time that you will receive a copy of the required plans that map out, mark, and pinpoint where the approximate location of utilities may be, along with notations of the depth and what the specific service is. Subsurface utility mapping is commonly used in construction and excavation projects to prevent damage to underground infrastructure and ensure worker safety. It is also used in urban planning and infrastructure management to maintain and update accurate records of buried utilities for future reference. Once our team have completed works on your site, you will receive a copy of these mappings for your own records.

Why Underground Service Locating is Paramount

Who you choose as your underground pipe locator is going to make all the difference when it comes to utility locating. Not all utilities are where they should be, or where the utility owner has marked them on a plan, and not all utilities are at the correct depth; this is going to be the difference between your work transitioning with ease into the next phase, or costing you and your business a chunk of money before even starting.

Prior to commencing any work on site, our in-house team engages in in-depth discussions with our clients regarding the various scenarios that may arise. Our clients are assured that our processes are strictly enforced and subject to regular audits. As a result, they are fully informed of what to expect and the anticipated outcome of our services. We stand by our commitment to deliver what we promise, never overpromising and always striving to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Why You Should Choose 1300Locate

The 1300Locate team comprises individuals with extensive experience in the fields of civil engineering, construction, drainage, and utilities. Our underground cable locator team members undergo comprehensive training under our rigorous training methods and participate in up to three refresher training sessions annually to ensure they remain at the pinnacle of their proficiency.

Each of our underground cable locator team members is fully accredited to perform specialised work in their respective fields, and they take great pride in assisting our clients in achieving optimal outcomes on-site. Our clients have developed a rapport with our team members and appreciate their unwavering commitment to tackling the often-challenging tasks at hand. When you use 1300Locate, you can be absolutely certain you are using one of the most experienced teams in Australia.

Your Safety is Our Priority. Call 1300Locate Today!

Whether you have a major project in the works or simply need some services located on a small scale site, 1300Locate and our underground pipe locator crew will be there. Call our office on 1300LOCATE today to book one of our underground service locators, or reach out to our friendly team directly at info@1300locate.com.au or through our online form with any general queries or for more information.


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