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When your project involves underground assets that need to be located and protected, and you want to avoid expensive downtime and missed deadlines – it’s time to call in the underground service locators with the tools and expertise to do the job right. We’ve been out there in the field working alongside you for years. We’ve always looked ahead, pioneering advanced location technologies, but we’ve never forgotten our commitment to old fashioned customer service.

Our detection teams are highly trained and certified and receive regular refresher and update training. We consult with you before starting a detection project, to plan each process with your valuable input – so everyone knows what’s going to happen, and what the goals and limitations will be.

Put our extensive resources and our skilled pipe and cable locators to work for you – call 1300Locate, email info@1300locate.com.au or get in touch online. We make the tough problems easy to solve. For project estimations, email us directly at estimating@1300locate.com.au.

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We provide detailed pipe inspection and survey reports using our state-of-the-art mobile robotic CCTV equipment. We are one of the very few underground service locators in Australia who deploy a mini lateral inspection camera to inspect and trace smaller pipes leading off from the main pipe course. Our 3D report data can be integrated to AutoCAD. We also address pipe blockage by silt and tree roots – we have the tools and the trained technicians to locate, evaluate, and remediate these issues.

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Vacuum Excavation and Digging

We use the latest and most advanced equipment and techniques for non-destructive digging that conforms to relevant Australian specs. It is precise work, so as not to damage expensive subterranean assets. Not all companies take this much care, and a mistake with powerful jetting tools can be very costly. Our crews are accredited and trained to perform to a high level of excellence.

Bring in the experts when your project involves services hidden below ground. Locating, mapping, documenting, clearing and remediation by highly skilled pipe and cable locators is a quick contact away. Call 1300Locate or get in touch online. Let us turn your subsurface problems into solutions.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive, integrated suite of advanced utility locating services and technologies to address your below-ground utility and asset challenges. This is an everyday issue in modern construction, and we’re here to provide quick, reliable answers and procedures.

We are ready to address your excavation and potholing needs with a highly functional range of precision water pressure and vacuum equipment. Every job is different, and we’ll bring the right tools for the job – to locate underground utilities, and for non-destructive trenching, exposing subsurface assets, cleaning, and all sub-grade activities requiring non-destructive methods.

We are able to assist with the extensive regulatory oversight and documentation required for work in confined spaces, to include pre-work assessment of a range of specified hazards, and issuance of employee entry permits to undertake confined-space work.

We deploy an advanced robotic CCTV inspection unit to visually inspect drain and pipe courses. Our equipment is able to launch a mini robot to enter and inspect lateral pipes – we are one of the few utility locating services in Australia with this capability.

We deploy the latest hand-portable detection units to locate underground utilities and find cables and pipes with a metallic core. Some newer assets like fibre cables are RFID tagged, and we are able to pick up those signals for positive ID and location as well. Our equipment remains current with regular software updates and calibration.

1300Locate has the equipment and expertise to locate many water leaks. Water leaks are an expensive problem for councils, water suppliers, businesses, and homeowners. Call in our highly trained team at the first sign of suspected trouble.

We have the ability to generate comprehensive As-Con plans and documents for planning, maintenance, and remediation. These are used to locate and specify new and existing utilities, buildings, roads, kerbs, and drainage.

We pioneered the use of GPR in Australia with utility locating services. It has grown into one of the most valuable and well-recognised tools for finding underground assets and structural features that would be hard or even impossible to find by more conventional means, when there are no surface indications of the situation below ground.

We offer a dedicated service for clearing drilling positions and, to provide important soil and subsurface information and pre-work clearances, preventing potentially huge costs in repair and correction when utilities and other assets are not where the plans said they were – an all-too-common occurrence.

For project estimations at any calibre, email us at estimating@1300locate.com.au.


1300Locate is Standing by to Assist

When you’re getting involved with underground utilities, you need advice and assistance from qualified underground service locators. You need people with the specialised tools and training to give you a clear picture of the below-ground situation, and to help remediate problems that may be uncovered.

Call 1300Locate, email info@1300locate.com.au or get in touch online for all general projects and residential queries. 1300Locate is your partner in this enterprise. Put our experience and capabilities to work and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the experts are on the job. Needing a quote for upcoming work? We’re here for you. Reach out directly to estimating@1300locate.com.au.


Vacuum excavation is the preferred non-destructive digging method asked for by all utility owners. This is a fast, effective and non-destructive method and 1300Locate guarantee that you’ll get the right machine to ensure utilities are kept safe and damage free.

If you are using a 1300Locate vacuum unit, you can rest easy knowing that our specialised fleet will do the job right with minimal fuss. We use optimal water pressures and rotating nozzles to ensure the integrity of fragile and direct laid utilities is kept intact.

When potholing our dedicated team members record all utility data, mark the utility dependent on what type, backfill and compact the pothole and leave the work zone clean.

The 1300Locate fleet includes:

  • 3000 litre (3m3) capacity high flow and reverse flow – for more heavy duty applications
  • 4000 litre (4m3) capacity high flow – for volume jobs, boom and rear connection
  • 8000 litre (8m3) capacity high flow – for large deep excavations, boom and rear connection



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Damage to underground cables can cause fatal or severe injury. Over the years there have been a wide variety of accidents involving contractors coming into contact with underground assets such as gas mains and underground electricity cables. The severity of incidents varies greatly and the financial burden on top is not worth the risk.

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