Acoustic Leak Detection

One of the most potentially destructive – and expensive – failures in a piping network is a hidden leak. These can happen anywhere. One of the most effective ways to find a hidden leak is with acoustic leak detection. Piping materials, the size of a break, the volume of the leak – all create different sounds and have their own unique acoustic signature. Using specialised and dedicated equipment, a knowledgeable operator can track and identify a leak based on its signature and recommend a remedy for repair.

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How Hidden Leaks Happen

Pipe networks, structures, and the ground all age – leaks are bound to develop. Piping is usually quite durable, and a good installation can prevent damage for a long time, but when a leak does occur, it may be hard to find – most of the piping will be buried in the ground, making acoustic water leak detection the primary way to locate the problem.

How to Spot Potential Trouble

Hidden leaks can become evident when escaping liquid is found, either on the surrounding structure, or the ground.

Detecting Water Leak Underground

  • Damp patch in lawn or garden that never seems to dry out
  • Area of lawn unusually lush and green from the constant extra watering
  • Outdoor walkway sinking or dislocated due to soft wet ground
  • Concrete floor stained or settled and cracked
  • and of course – an increased water bill

If any of these seem to be happening, it is time to call in an acoustic leak detection specialist.

1300Locate is your convenient resource for tackling a difficult and uncertain problem like a potential hidden leak. Our diverse capabilities and extensive experience with underground utility locating services and underground leak detection will ensure that problems are addresses properly – on budget and on time.

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How Acoustic Leak Detection Works

The flow of water in an unbroken pipe is typically quiet. However, water will generate noise when it hits an obstacle, a rough edge, or when it leaves a pipe. Under normal circumstances, this would be when a tap is opened. Noise is the key to detecting water leak underground – which is how our leak detection specialists will be able to pick up on it’s characteristics. This acoustic signature will be detected by specialised listening equipment and then analysed by our technicians. Always avoid digging up your own lawn or knocking into a wall to find a leak. Once we locate the leak, we will work out a remedy, propose it to you, and go from there.

Time is Money – We Save You the Hassle

Acoustic water leak detection is just one of the capabilities that 1300Locate brings to situations involving a possible hidden leak. We are a full-service provider for underground leak detection, subsurface structures, and assets – for detection, location, mapping, surveying, clearing, cleaning, and remediation. If your issue goes beyond leak detection, we will identify the extent of the problem.

We are the leading underground service locators Brisbane has to offer, bringing the capability, the trained crews, and the modern equipment to make an efficient, durable repair, keeping you fully informed throughout the process.

Don’t Wait – Leaks are Detrimental

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