Clearances for Geotechnical Reporting

When you’re planning to commit time and money to a project at commercial scale, nothing is more important than being sure you’re on solid ground and good to go with your site’s geotechnical characteristics. Geotechnical reporting is the key to success.

If you require clearances for an upcoming geotechnical site investigation, we have the technical know-how and equipment to compile a thorough and data driven report that notes all site inclusions relevant to your project type.

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How We Work

Initial Consultation & Site Walk

We believe in close contact. The geotechnical clearance team will begin by speaking with your company – and most importantly, listening closely. They’ll go over project plans with your representative, and make sure all involved are in good understanding and agreement. Then the team will make a site visit – establishing the location of structures and services above and below ground so that we can give the proper clearance for any drilling, trenching and other investigative work that may follow for the geotechnical report.

Data Review & Analysis

The clearance team will take all their findings from the site walk back to the office, and process them to build up a comprehensive picture of the site as it relates to the project. Every site is different, but the methods and procedures are the same, developed over years of real-world experience. The team will be able to compare the site and the project to similar works completed successfully in the past. All details are considered as the team prepares the clearance.

Clearance & Continuing Contact

When the geotechnical clearance is complete, it is presented to you, and any questions you may have are addressed and answered. Our involvement does not end there. We have a strong history of being available to provide you with needed data and guidance all through the planning and design stages of your project.

Save Money, Time & Possibly the Whole Contract

We find that one of the most common serious project disruptions happens when things below ground are not as they seem. It is not unusual for subsurface services and utilities to be in a significantly different location from where they are shown on existing plans. Doing destructive subsurface investigation for a geotechnical report without a competent clearance can be a highly expensive and time-consuming way to find this out.

Our clearance service will accurately locate and describe the subsurface environment, so invasive procedures such as drilling and digging for soil analysis and other geotechnical review can then happen safely and efficiently. You’ll be ready for geotechnical reporting and a detailed geotechnical site investigation. Every project – from residential housing up to the largest and most complex construction venture – needs this level of verification, so that your work can proceed in confidence. There are very few cheap mistakes in destructive digging and drilling – the damage that doesn’t happen because you obtained a good clearance first is money in the bank. The clearance will pay for itself many times over.

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