Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

When subsurface drains and pipes end up clogged or even blocked, the flow of water will slow down or sometimes stop completely – we know how much of a headache this is. Over time, almost all drainpipes will run into this sort of problem. The good news is that expensive, disruptive dig out and replacement is usually unnecessary. A remedy for this sort of issue is the hydro jet drain cleaning service offered here at 1300Locate.

1300Locate has the equipment and expertise to locate, survey, diagnose, and then correct blocked stormwater drains and pipes with our advanced hydro jet system. Should you find yourself in such a position, feel confident knowing we are a phone call away.

We are a longtime leader in utility locating services. We will dispatch a highly trained crew with the right gear to clear the problem efficiently and within your budget – all it takes is a call to 1300 562 283 or you can get in touch with us online.

Why Blockages Happen

We tend to think of drainpipes as just sitting there out of sight, moving drainage flows where we want them to go without needing any further attention. This is true, but it’s easy to miss the reality that the subsurface environment is dynamic – although usually quite slow. Except in cases of sudden ground disruption – for example, due to earthquake or perhaps a backhoe going where it should not, difficulties may take a long time to develop.

It can take years for a tree root to block a pipe, or for silt and small rocks to collect in a drain to the point where flow is impeded enough to be apparent. While there may be nothing at all wrong with the pipe, the living environment around it can eventually cause enough trouble so that a remedy must be made.

Complicating this scenario is that fact that the exact location of subsurface utilities is quite frequently lost to time – plans disappear, knowledgeable engineers may retire, markings and indications on the surface are subject to removal and damage. By the time there is a real problem, just knowing where it comes from can be a puzzle.

Call in the Professionals

When subsurface trouble strikes, the clock starts ticking and the meter starts running. It’s easy to lose time and spend unnecessary funds on unsatisfactory attempts at remedy. It is best to start by turning the problem over to specialists in pipe cleaning services, sewer jetting service, and sewer maintenance who have dealt with many similar situations and have the proper tools to do the job right the first time.

The first step in successful drainpipe cleanout is to locate the problem. 1300Locate is highly experienced in pinpointing the source of the problem. Call us on 1300 562 283 or get in touch online.

How Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Works

Once found and identified, silt buildup is cleared by feeding a high-pressure water hose into the blocked pipe, typically from the downstream side. The hose has a water blast going forward to break up the blockage, and reverse water jets to clear and push it back out of the pipe as the high-pressure hose is withdrawn. This is then followed by vacuum excavation which removes the debris. This system is efficient, effective, and quite clean. It is important for the whole process to be in the hands of trained and experienced operators. Excellent results are obtained on pipes from 50mm to 300mm diameter.

Clearing Tree Roots

When blockage is present in sewer pipes, it is often because tree roots have invaded the pipe sufficiently to impede flow. In this case, once the problem is located and identified, a cutter head is fed into the pipe and operated until the roots are removed. Any remaining debris is then washed out, and the pipe is inspected to verify successful removal of the blockage. This process works very well on pipes from 100mm to 300mm diameter.

1300Locate – A Full Range of Capabilities

Hydro jet drain cleaning and tree root removal are just some of the ways 1300Locate assist customers with pipe cleaning services, sewer jetting service, and sewer maintenance – we are an advanced underground utility locator, using state-of-the-art equipment, including dual-band ground-penetrating radar, to pinpoint even the most difficult and well-hidden targets.

Find out why 1300Locate is the first call for so many builders, contractors, and property managers for subsurface investigation and remediations. We a phone call away on 1300 562 283 – or contact us online. You can also email us at info@1300locate.com.au for general information or estimating@1300locate.com.au for project estimates.


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