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1300LOCATE About us

1300Locate is a pioneer in location and protection of utility assets in Australia. In 2005, Director Tony Festa could see that the construction industry needed a service that could locate and mark underground utilities before workers commenced any type of construction site. 1300Locate was born in 2006, and has gone on to become a leader in the subsurface Utility Asset Protection field. Over the years, our success and longevity within the industry comes from our experience, and ability to work with an outstanding array of clients who continue to put their trust in us.

1300LOCATE Vision

As industry leaders in underground utility detection and utility protection, it is our vision that the highest standard promoted by the industry is the minimum standard set by 1300LOCATE.

To pro-actively create a national awareness of the importance of our underground network and its protection. Bringing together experience, innovation and new technology to maximise quality of life and minimise damage.

Get the 1300LOCATE Advantage!


Damage to underground cables can cause fatal or severe injury. Over the years there have been a wide variety of accidents involving contractors coming into contact with underground assets such as gas mains and underground electricity cables. The severity of incidents varies greatly and the financial burden on top is not worth the risk.

Guide for Underground Cable Locating

Your FREE Dial Before You Dig Plans can give an approximate indication of the underground cables that exist on your site. Some may not even be shown on your plan at all and may very well be under your job site. They are rarely drawn accurately or to scale and should not be relied upon. Companies like Telstra, Optus and even your local council do not have accurate records of utility whereabouts.

The position of any underground cables or services in or near the proposed work area should be thoroughly checked and marked by a highly trained and Accredited 1300LOCATE Underground Cable Locator.


  • DBYD Certified Locators
  • Blue/White Carded (General Safety)
  • Optus Certified
  • Gas Awareness
  • Confined Space Breathing Apparatus Certification
  • Energex M428 (Underground Awareness)
  • Energex M31 (Overhead Awareness)
  • Energex (Authorised Persons)
  • Ergon (Authorised Persons)First Aid Certificate
  • Certificate 1 in transport and logistics (4wd low risk defensive driving course)
  • Certificate 3 in Outdoor Recreation (Drive and Recover a 4wd)
  • Certificate 4 in Outdoor Recreation ( Drive a 4wd vehicle in difficult terrain using advanced techniques)
  • Work Place Health and Safety for Managers and Supervisors Certificate

Accredited & Certified

If you are looking to become your own boss or looking to take your existing business to the next level, contact the 1300LOCATE team for more information contact 1300 562 283 or enquiry@1300locate.com.au.

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