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When your project calls for locating, mapping, surveying, exposing, and/or excavating underground services and utilities, call 1300Locate – the experts in subsurface engineering asset detection and management. We’re proud to offer industry-leading processes and outstanding customer service. We are Brisbane’s most advanced underground service locators.

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Underground Utility Locating Services

locating Telstra Locating Optus cables

We use the highly sensitive RD8000 detection equipment to scan for pipes and cables that are metal or have a metallic core. These include electrical and communication services, water and sewage piping, and other utilities. Many recent installations are tagged with RFID transponders – the RD8000 is RFID-capable and locates these assets quickly and reliably. An advanced underground utility locator like 1300Locate will make your job easy by providing the detailed information you need.

Non-metallic locating

GPR is a highly useful tool for locating underground utilities and assets not RFID-tagged, that may be invisible on the surface and not detectable otherwise, including non-metallic cables and piping. We were the first underground utility locator to introduce GPR to the Australian market. We use the advanced IDS Detector Duo, which scans at two different frequencies simultaneously to locate shallow and deep targets.

excellence in vacuum excavation.

Non-Destructive Excavation is the industry’s preferred method for safe, damage-free digging and trenching, and for exposing fragile underground utilities. Our underground utility locating services will find the location of subsurface equipment, and our fleet of specialised excavation equipment is equipped to handle large and small NDD projects with vacuum and water pressure tooling.

Pipe and Drain Cam

We thoroughly inspect mainlines and laterals in drains, sewers, and other piping with the advanced mainline inspection remote tractor and camera attachments from Rausch USA – capturing video, photographs, and position data to build up a complete AutoCAD-friendly 3D map of the subsurface piping network. We can stop the camera tractor and launch a smaller sled to inspect laterals – we are one of just a few underground utility locating services with this capability.

leaking pressure main.

Hidden subsurface leaks will create physical hazards and financial losses. These can become quite significant since the leaks are unseen and tend to go undetected for longer periods of time. We use specialised equipment to listen for the characteristic acoustic signatures of different types of leaks, leading to positive identification and efficient resolution.

Clean pipes ready for installation | Featured image for the Underground Utility Locator Top Level services page for 1300Locate.

Pipes and sewers are subject to constant intrusion and blockage by silt, debris, and tree roots. When the flow through a pipe fails, it is often for these reasons, and it’s not necessary to replace the pipe – an inspection and cleanout with the right tools may be the solution. 1300Locate has the experience and specialised equipment to inspect, evaluate, and clear sewers and piping, saving you time and money.

12D modelling.

Our comprehensive As Constructed Survey service will locate and map all surface and subsurface structures and utilities – which often enough may not quite be where older plans said they would be. This is very useful from concept through final build, for demonstrating conformance to plans, compliance with codes, and for pointing out remedial steps that may need to be taken. High-definition 3D laser scanning complements traditional survey techniques in completely documenting the location and worksite.

Drill Rig Safety

Before destructive digging and drilling commence, it is vital to engage a qualified underground utility locator to be sure you know the actual locations of subsurface cables, piping, and other assets. They are not always where the plans said they would be, and it is usually quite expensive to find that out the hard way. Our geotechnical investigation service may save you large amounts of money and time – it will certainly give everyone on the project excellent peace of mind.

Strom water mapping

Confined spaces present special requirements for safe entry and work. Our crews are trained and certified for this – and we are current and up to date on all applicable regulations and codes. When you have work to be done in confined spaces, one call to 1300Locate can cover it all.


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