As Constructed Drawings (As Built Survey)

When working on a project, it is important to secure as constructed survey documentation to understand exactly how said project was installed and constructed. These as constructed drawings should provide information in the form of results of construction projects, rather than planned layouts that you may find in project designs. As built survey documents are utilised among multiple industries and are critical fundamentals in project closeouts.

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What is an As Constructed Survey Used For?

As constructed drawings are typically requested during the design phase of a project to allow workers to operate on the property with a clear idea of what utilities and buildings are located there. A key feature of as constructed plans is underground utilities mapping, which reveals any utilities or cables hidden under the earth, so workers know where to avoid digging. It is recommended to commission a survey during the concept stage of your project to ensure your plans are made with the revealed information in mind.

An as constructed survey also documents the changes you are making to the property, to ensure that all information about the land remains accurate and up to date. Utilities may also be moved during the installation process, causing the original design documents to be outdated. An underground utility map that is devised while the initial installation takes place ensures that this new location is properly recorded for future reference.

What We Can Provide:

At 1300Locate we offer a range of services when it comes to providing as constructed drawings. These include:

  • Ordering ‘Dial Before You Dig’ (DBYD) plans
  • Ordering any as built, council, or long section plans
  • Investigating the utilities on your site
  • Locating, exposing, marking, and producing an underground service map of the utilities
  • Producing the document in PDF and or electronic format

The information provided by these services is invaluable when performing work on the site and should be distributed to all workers who will be operating on the property. Your as built survey will be tailored to your unique project and is able to be used to demonstrate that your work is conforming with zoning regulations. These as constructed drawings are also useful for managing your project’s schedule.

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Why Should You Choose 1300Locate?

When you partner with 1300Locate for your as constructed plans, you are working with a team that has years of experience in the industry. Using only the most up to date equipment, our professional cable locators possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to locating a wide variety of utilities. We offer survey solutions in 3D, 12D, and laser scanning of infrastructure for large- and small-scale design projects. If you are looking to develop a high rise, commercial building, pipeline, or civil project, our in-house specialists are here to consult with you.

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