What is Acoustic Leak Detection?

What is Acoustic Leak Detection?

Acoustic Leak Detection

Water leaks due to ageing water networks and incorrectly laid or disturbed pipeworks cost Australian homes and businesses over a billion dollars a year in direct or indirect costs associated with repairs, patching or replacement.

Many Councils and Water departments do not have a scheduled or ongoing maintenance program for finding water leaks. If left undetected, these leaks can cause environmental damage, increased health risk (due to cross-contamination of water pipes) and significant costs in wasted water.

If you are a home or business owner and you suspect you may have water leaks, call 1300Locate and have one of our leak detection experts assess your underground pipes. Escaping liquids create an acoustic signal which our state-of-the-art equipment can detect to determine where your water leaks are occurring.

If you are a local Council or major supplier of water to the general public call 1300Locate and ask our team how we can help you to set up an on-going maintenance program which will save thousands of dollars in wasted water and environmental problems.

A couple of handy tips to let you know that you may have leaking pipes are:

  • Consistently wet or soggy patches in your yard
  • Overly green patches in your yard
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