Video: How can CCTV (Pipe And Lateral Survey) benefit your next project?

In this clip, we let you experience a real world situation right behind the eyes of our CCTV Pipe Camera. The camera is lowered into the required storm water drain of a suburban street where it is then controlled externally from the CCTV operator who is standing above the ground.

You can see as the operator looks in an uninterrupted 360 degree view of all incoming pipelines. The camera then proceeds down a pipe that leads under the property in scope, to survey and inspect any faults or damages that may be present. From here, the information will be collated and given to the client verbally, or can be delivered via a USB.

The information collected here is vital to any new development that is about to proceed above the utilities. An undetected damaged pipeline can bring any project to a grinding halt, and can even shut it down completely.

For more information about how this service could benefit your next project, you can call us on 1300 562 283


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