Vacuum Excavation

1300 VACDIG are experts in vacuum excavation and exposing subsurface utility assets across the region. Here, at 1300 VACDIG, we use advanced equipment to assist us during work, with a team of professionals who routinely undergo extensive training and accreditation refreshers. We supply the preferred non-destructive digging methods required to confirm utility locations under the Australian Standards (AS5488-2013 QLA). To make it easier for you, your team, and the project itself, our operators have the ability to visit your site to validate locations of utilities on site, saving you time, and resources.

Keep in mind that not all hydro vacuum excavating companies are the same, and not all operators have an understanding of utility asset owners when it comes to using high pressure water or jetting around assets. Vac units using the incorrect pressure and/or attachments on jetting units can damage fragile pipes and conduits and can even cut through cables that are laid directly in the earth. That’s why it’s imperative you engage professionals that know exactly what vacuum excavation services to use.

If you’re looking for professionals in vacuum excavation Brisbane and Queensland wide, give 1300Locate a call on 1300 822 344 today – our underground utility locator team are here to help when you need us the most.

Vacuum Excavation Services


Our vacuum digging service is our bread and butter and covers practices like cutting road base and footpaths in order to access services, cleaning pits, and cleaning chambers, trenching, and even capabilities for pavement reinstatement. and more. If you’re involved in a project where excavation is required, and you’re not sure who to call and rely on, think of 1300 VACDIG.

Non Destructive Digging

Vacuum excavation (NDD) is widely used throughout the construction industry thanks to its non-destructive nature. At 1300Locate, we utilise optimal water pressures and rotating nozzles to ensure the integrity of fragile and direct laid utilities are kept intact. When it comes to potholing, we record all utility data, mark the utility based on its owner and type, then backfill, and compact the pothole leaving the work zone clear.

Our NDD units are available for different and varying applications including but not limited to potholing and exposing services, vacuum trenching, post and pier holes, and valve boxes, as well as high- pressure cleaning.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Are your drains and/or sewer pipes infected with silt or roots? Our team of utility experts can be sent out to site to diagnose the issue and put remedies in place that ensure it is rectified – this can be in the shape of conduit cleaning, chamber, and pit cleaning, as well as general high pressure cleaning. Just give us a call, explain the problem, and we’ll let you know what may need to occur in order to get your drains and pipes back into action.

Confined Space Contractor

Working within a confined space is a dangerous task and requires a professional with the correct accreditations to undertake the work carefully, safely, and efficiently. The enclosed nature of these environments creates unique challenges for our team, from silos and filtration tanks to manholes. If your project includes an area of confined space, we’re here to help.


Years of Excellence

With years of industry experience and the most up to date equipment, our professional cable locators have a solid proven history of success in locating a wide variety of utilities. Although there are limitations to the ability of the current technology to detect all hidden utilities, 1300Locate can provide a professional, reliable service which offers you the assurance of:

With years of industry experience and access to the most up to date equipment, our vacuum digging team have a solid proven history of success in locating a wide variety of utilities right across Queensland. Despite there being limitations on the ability of current technology to detect all hidden utilities, 1300Locate provide a professional, reliable service which offers you the assurance of:

  • Industry experience
  • 3rd party accreditations
  • ISO management System
  • Professional indemnity and public liability insurance
  • Referees
  • The most up to date equipment
  • Safe work practices and use of method statements
  • Guarantees on the work we do
  • Value for money

Accredited & Certified

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If you’re in need of a leading vacuum excavation Brisbane service, get in touch with 1300 VACDIG on 1300 822 344 today. Not only are our underground service locator team well versed in detecting services throughout the region, but we’ve built a name for ourselves in the realms of vac excavation and NDD. For general project queries, contact us via email at or get in touch on for a project estimate.

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