Pipe Camera Tracking Takes A New Direction

Pipe Camera Tracking Takes A New Direction

1300PIPECAM has always listened to the feedback from customers and the engineering community on the quality of dilapidation reporting and due to this 1300PIPECAM can now offer their customer base a lateral inspection system that can be tracked by the built-in multi-frequency sonde transmitter and the pioneering Lateral Tracking Technology.

Camera tracking systems are very new to the southern hemisphere and 1300PIPECAM is the first to offer the lateral launch system with a pioneering tracking sensor for the automatic measuring and graphic GPS mapping and documentation of the entire pipe network including lateral pipework.

The system captures the movement of the LATRAS sensor head that sits behind the Digital Lateral Camera and captures distance, position, and depth co-ordinates that are registered constantly in parallel with the dilapidation inspection and allow the documentation of the laterals at the same time without any significant expense for the customer.

With this new and important information about the pipe system mapped out on a GPS plane, the quality of the deliverables is considerably improved. his revolutionary system gives 1300PIPECAM the ability to map lateral pipelines with accuracy and provide our customers with the ability to import the data directly to AutoCAD improving the time frames for processing data.


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