Confined Spaces

Confined Spaces

Confined Spaces

Specific requirements and regulations apply to anybody working in confined spaces. All employers or self-employed people embarking on this type of work must first thoroughly assess all risks and ensure they have the appropriate systems in place.

1300Locate is your confined space specialists. We have the experience and expertise to cater for all of your confined space needs.

A confined space refers to an enclosed or partially enclosed space that:

  • is at atmospheric pressure while a person is working in that space
  • is not intended or designed primarily as a place of work
  • has an atmosphere which contains potentially harmful levels of contaminants
  • has a lack of or excess oxygen
  • could potentially trap a person
  • has restricted entry and exit points

To help minimise the risk of injury, prior to working in a confined space you are required identify hazards such as: lack or excess of oxygen; toxic gases; flammable gases; vapours, fumes or dust; risk of engulfment, entrapment and access; and, falls from heights.

You are also required to complete a risk assessment of work associated with confined spaces, including:

  • the nature and inherent hazards of the confined space
  • the work required to be done, including the need to enter the confined space
  • the range of methods by which the work can be done
  • the hazards and risks associated with the work and equipment to be used
  • emergency response procedures
  • the competence of the person to undertake the work
  • implementing control measures
  • organising education and training for persons who may be entering a confined space
  • planning emergency and first aid procedure
  • ensuring the keeping of good records of all actions taken

In addition, employers should issue entry permits (AS 2865) before workers can enter a confined space. (Taken from

1300Locate can provide the expertise to assist anyone working in confined spaces, including:

  • Large filtration tanks
  • Stormwater manholes in roadways or public and private areas
  • Sewer manholes
  • Large utility pits
  • A range of other environments and locations

Call 1300Locate – the confined space experts – now to assist with all of your confined space needs.

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