Article: Things You Didn’t Know You Can Claim At Tax Time

Article: Things You Didn’t Know You Can Claim At Tax Time

There are lots of ways that most of us Australians can boost our tax refund every year, and reduce the bill before it arrives.

Millions of our hard earned dollars are left with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) each year, lost by US simply because we didn’t make the most of our tax return – Why? Because we didn’t know thes following things were claimable:


Your Laundry. 

If you think about the amount of laundry you do every week, some may be more than others, and even the amount you do every YEAR alone. It is a lot, for any person. When it comes to tax time, you can account for all of the laundry you have done to stay presentable, professional, and clean for the workplace. You can claim this as a work expense.


Your Phone Case. 

Do you use your phone for work? Do you answer work related emails, texts, and phone calls from your personal phone? Good news! You can claim your phone bill on your next tax bill. But don’t forget to add the cost of the phone case to your deductibles as well, if it is being used on your phone – which is being used for work, it is classed as a work expense as well. You’re welcome!



If your company made any donations this year, whether it was for a local charity, or even a partnership in any form with a non-profit charity, you can even claim THIS on your next tax bill. Bet you didn’t even know that.


Travel Expenses.

If you receive and allowance from your employer for travelling purposes, you need to include the total amount as in income on your tax return. Why? Because it is a travel under work expense. You can also include the costs of any accommodation stays (for work). Another thing you can claim is any work related food or transport expenses (again, only things that are in relation to your work travel), so those receipts are vital.



Regardless of your specific industry, there is no doubt that you have attended a number of  seminars, countless courses, and probably even webinars as well. You would have done this to learn more skills and replenish your knowledge of what is required in your workplace. If the courses or seminars were given to advance your career and/or skills, it counts as a self-education expense, and you can claim it.



Do you pay someone to come to your office or your workplace to clean? Whether that be your workplace kitchen, bathroom, or simply just to vacuum the floors? Well, this can also count as a work related cost and it can be claimed. This can also include the costs of cleaning equipment, such as vacuums, and even mops. But make sure you keep those receipts, you can’t claim anything without the proof.



Whether it’s a newspaper or a magazine, if you are using these subscriptions to accompany you with your work content, you might be able to claim the subscriptions on your tax. Don’t be afraid to give it a try and see if you get lucky.



This one might sound a little strange, but here is why it works. Many of us use a bag when we go to work. We put our car keys in a bag (to get us to work), our purses/wallets, glasses, phones/tablets, USB’s and other objects that we may need during work hours. Whether it be a classic women’s handbag, a laptop bag, or a man-bag, it can be claimed. Yes, even a briefcase can be claimed if it is used for work purposes. But again, keep your proof of purchase.


If any of these subjects relate to you (and we’re sure some do), then go ahead and claim them on your next tax. A little more money can get us further than without.



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