Some strange things have happened in Fujian province in eastern China over the years, but perhaps few stranger than a missing cow that recently turned up in the village sewers!

How could this happen? Well, no one seems to know the answer to that but farmer, Sheng Hsueh, spent four days searching for his missing cow and could not imagine what had happened to her.

The cow was discovered in the sewer after locals were perplexed by the sound of mooing that was coming from under the ground. When she popped her head through an open manhole, witnesses realized where she was but couldn’t believe their eyes.

Passersby soothed the animal by feeding her grass until her owner could rescue her via a makeshift winch (mechanical device like a crane), which would haul her back to solid ground.

“She didn’t seem upset by her ordeal. As soon as they cut her free she found a patch of grass and started grazing,” said local. Wang Hsia.

How this happened would be something worth knowing, but the cow, at least so far, isn’t telling.

Maybe cows really do jump over the moon and this one missed her mark?