1300PIPECAM Cleared for Launch!

1300PIPECAM Cleared for Launch!

1300Pipecam is the Pipe Survey division of the 1300Locate group. 1300Locate are well known for being pioneers in the introduction of ground breaking technology into the underground asset protection industry. In 2006 1300Locate introduced the Ground Penetrating Radar and in turn this changed the utility locating industry into what it is today. 12 years on 1300Pipecam is introducing a game changer for the Pipe CCTV industry. The Lateral Launch Pipe CCTV system that provides easy inspections of lateral pipe lines and property connections from mainline infrastructure. This system is perfect for your more demanding projects that require inspections of lateral lines as it can launch the camera from a mainline of 150mm (6”) or larger, into laterals 100mm (4“) or larger and can navigate up multiple lines in the lateral network for up to 40m.

This system integrates with a conventional Pipe CCTV tractor unit that undertakes the mainline dilapidation survey and allows the 1300Pipecam operator to pause in the mainline pipe and “launch” a secondary camera into a connecting lateral line. The lateral camera will also provide a dilapidation report using the 360-degree Pan and Tilt HD camera, observing all defects including joint separations, cracks, and root intrusion in the lateral lines.

The dilapidation reporting on the mainline will continue when the lateral inspection is complete, and this process will continue for all the remaining lateral lines over the required area.

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