Video: How can Vacuum Excavation benefit your next project?

Video: How can Vacuum Excavation benefit your next project?

Vacuum excavation is the preferred non-destructive digging method asked for by all utility owners. This is a fast, effective and protective way to expose utilities all while ensuring that they are kept safe and damage free.

If you are using a 1300Locate vacuum unit, you can rest easy knowing that our specialised fleet will get the job done with minimal fuss. The vacuum units that our employees take to site use optimal water pressures and rotating nozzles to ensure the integrity of fragile and direct laid utilities are kept intact.

When potholing, our dedicated team members record all utility data, mark the utility (dependent on what type), backfill and compact the pothole and leave the work zone clean after operation.

The 1300Locate fleet includes:

  • 3000 litre (3m3) capacity high flow and reverse flow – for more heavy duty applications
  • 4000 litre (4m3) capacity high flow – for volume jobs, boom and rear connection
  • 7000 litre (7m3) capacity high flow – for large deep excavations, boom and rear connection

Our Vacuum Excavation service can be used for:

  • Potholing – exposing services located
  • Fence / bollard holes
  • Pier holes
  • Non destructive trenching
  • Pit and conduit cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Hydrant & valve box cleaning
  • Small trenching
  • Deep excavations
  • Large filtration tanks

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